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100 oz Silver Bars

About Engelhard Silver, Engelhard 1 oz, 10 oz and 100 oz Silver Bars

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 Engelhard silver bars were manufactured by Engelhard Corporation, an ex-Fortune 500 American company with its headquartered in Iselin, New Jersey, U.S.A. The company was started by Charles W. Engelhard, Sr in 1902 when he bought over the Charles F. Crosemire Company in Newark, New Jersey.

Soon after its takeover, Engelhard became the world’s biggest refiner and fabricator of platinum metals, gold and silver. The Company also went on to produce silver and silver alloys in mill forms, and was an operator of the world’s largest precious metals smelter. Engelhard also developed liquid gold for decorative applications.

BASF, a German chemical manufacturer, takeover Engelhard in 2006 at US$39 per share for a total sum of US$5 billion.

Buying Silver Bullion As An Investment

In the early 1970s, at a time when the world was facing high inflation, a diminishing value of the dollar and with the stock market declining, investors turned to buying silver, silver coins, silver bullion and other precious metals as an investment and inflation hedge.

As a result of the high demand, Engelhard began producing 0.999 or 99.9 percent purity, fine silver bullion bars. The Engelhard silver bars were minted in weights of 1 oz, 10 oz and 100 oz sizes. Engelhard also started producing 1 oz silver rounds, becoming the first bullion rounds minted for sale to the public.

Engelhard Bullion Silver Bar Discontinued

Engelhard minted silver bullion bars and silver rounds until 1988, and has since made a name for their 1 oz .999 fine silver rounds which is, popularly known as the Engelhard Prospector. By the late 1980s, as inflation was well managed and held at a moderate rate, investors were losing interest in silver bullion and precious metals. With demand for silver bullion weakening, thus Engelhard stopped producing silver bullion.

Despite the short history of Engelhard, considering silver trading has been around for thousands of years, Engelhard set the industry standard for producing silver bars and a benchmark for the investment of silver bullion. Thus, the Engelhard name remains a trusted and recognized symbol in the silver bullion as well as the precious metals investing community.

As Engelhard bullion silver bars are no longer in production, Engelhard silver bars have become a collector item and are popularly sought after by silver bullion investors. The Engelhard brand is one of the oldest in the silver bullion market and is well-known for producing silver bullion bars and bullion silver rounds with the greatest purity and quality.

Engelhard Silver Bars – The Investors’ Preferred Choice

The silver Engelhard bullion bar and Engelhard silver bullion round are marked with a serial number, the Engelhard name, as well as the weight of the silver bar and .999 indicating the purity of the silver ingot. The Engelhard bullion silver bars come in sizes of 1 oz, 10 oz. and 100 oz. With all these information stamped on the bar and easy to identify, it enhances investors’ confidence to buy and sell the silver Engelhard bars.

The 100 oz Engelhard silver bar also offers a very important advantage in that the silver bars carry a lower premium over the spot silver price. The premium investors have to pay for the other silver bullions like the silver coins or silver rounds is usually much higher. Bullion silver bars are also great for storage in safe deposit boxes, and are very liquid and easy to sell.

If you’ve decided into buying silver bars as an investment, collecting silver bullion bars from various brand names or hedging your wealth by buying precious metals, you’re unlikely to go wrong with an Engelhard silver bar investment. It is popularly termed that buying an Engelhard silver bar offers the investor more silver for their money.

Last but not least, as in any investment, do take note that there is no such thing of a “sure win” product no matter how popular or secured that investment. How much money an investor can make or even lose, is very much dependent on the timing of an investor’s entry and exit of his or her investment. In a nutshell, it is all about timing, the timing and timing of when you time your entry and exit of your investment that will probably determine the ultimate value of your financial investment.

 Where You Can Still Buy 100 oz Silver Bars or Engelhard Silver Bar

Engelhard has ceased production of its silver bars including its popular 100 oz silver bars since 1988, it can be difficult to find them. However, due to the fact that Engelhard, being the world largest producer of silver bullion bars and the 100 oz silver bars ingot in the past, there is still a plethora of silver Engelhard bars in circulation among the silver investing community, silver bullion investors, silver bars collectors and bullion silver speculators.

In addition, with the internet and world more interconnected than ever, it has made the trading of Engelhard silver bars very much easier and accessible. The best places to look for Engelhard silver are the online bullion dealers, online auction sites like the Ebay, your local precious metal dealers in your area, the local pawn shops, goldsmith outlets, silver jewelry or silver jewellery retailers, coin dealers, numismatic shops, etc.

Nevertheless, always be mindful that even if you’re buying a branded name silver bar like the Engelhard bar, regardless of your purchase is through an online site or a brick and mortar silver bullion dealer, the reputation of the sellers is very important. Do not just look at the cost only. There are always fake sellers or unscrupulous dealers and bullion scams retailers offering at lower prices to entice unsuspecting investors. For the purchase of 1 oz, 10 oz and 100 oz silver bars or any Engelhard silver bars online, buy only from reputable sellers with feedback of 99.9% or 100%.

Testing a Real and Fake Engelhard 100. oz Silver Bar

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