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The above are some of the common hype up captions you can find in many advertisements selling stock trading software, stock investment program and trading stock courses.

If you are looking for a holy grail of trading or some kind of an insider stock trading or stock prediction or an automated stock pick,  sorry to tell you that there is nothing in here we can offer. The reality is, The Holy Grail Of Trading does not exist but you can keep trying to find it if you do not believe me.


PennyStockProphet.net is not an investment adviser nor a financial institution and does not offer any investment advisory. It is also not intended to induce nor influence any insider trading or manipulation activity.

All information published and any comments posted in this website are that of the author own personal view and/or that of the visitors’ opinion and may not reflect the truth.

The use of any information in this website is at your own discretion and risk. The financial data, stock charts, stock market trends, market analysis, suggestions, comments and any information published in this blog is subject to change without prior notice.

The author of this website, publisher and all affiliates assume no responsibility or liability for the result of your investments and trading activities. Should you require any form of financial or trading advice, you should consult your licensed financial adviser, stockbroker, remisers  or a qualified investment institution.

Please take note that PennyStockProphetDotNet, is not a penny stock prophet or any penny stocks guru who is able to predict the price movement of penny stocks, blue chips, red chips, index stock or market indices.

PennyStockProphet.net is my personal website, setup to reflect on my investment interests in online stock trading and in particular my love with penny stock speculation. This blog is also created to reflect on my trading activity and personal analysis of the financial market. You may also assume that it is published for the author’s personal amusement and vanity.

P.S. Spammers Take Note: Do not spam pennystockprophet.net website. Spams will be deleted automatically.  If you wish to post your comments, your posting may be moderated.

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