2012 Stock Market Update

2012 Stock Market Update

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Wednesday June 20, 2012

Wed 2012 June 20th Last Closed Change % Change Previous Day Open Day High Day Low
DJI(previous day data) 12837.33 +95.51 +0.75% 12741.82 12744.54 12917.37 12744.54
SSEC 2300.79 -15.96 -0.69% 2316.75 2313.46 2313.46 2298.39
STI 2855.68 +13.27 +0.47% 2842.41 2853.94 2861.53 2844.22
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Dow Jones Industrial Average Index

Since my last report on the 4th of June, DJIA had moved up almost 800 points and had broken the resistance of 12700 hitting an intraday high of 12917, to close at 12837 yesterday.

The bull has now temporary moved in and as long as the Dow Jones Industrial index does not break 12400 mark, am expecting the market to move side way. Immediate support should be in the region of 12700.

Be prepared to short the market again as the bull strengthen closer to the 13500 mark or as and when the bull shows weakness.

Shanghai Stock Exchange Composite Index

SSEC closed at 2300 today, which is almost unchanged since my last report some 2 weeks ago at 2308. The Shanghai market should find immediate resistance at 2350 and unless it can break the 2400 mark, i do no foresee any chance of it going any higher, breaking the bear trend.

Immediate support for SSEC should be about 2270 and 2240. However, as mentioned in my last report, if the Shanghai index does closed below 2130, then we gonna see a double bottom.

Straits Times Index

Unlike the SSEC, the STI is trading in tandem with the DJIA. Both DJIA and STI are still not in the bear trend yet. However, I do not expect both market to have a strong rally up.

The Straits Times Index has since the 4th of June, moved up almost 150 points or about 5.5% to closed at 2855. The bear is now taking a breather and taking position to ambush the bear at the 3000 mark.

As of today, the STI is a little over bought and do expect some minor correction before it can break 2900 level.

Stock Watch

Addvalue: Still an uptrend stock. It did broke the S$0.095 support and went on to hit S$0.089. When it rebounds, place an order to buy at S$0.09 but my order was not filled.

I did managed to buy at S$0.092 yesterday but had took profit on 50% of my holding this morning. I shall leave the other 50% to run with trailing profit at no lower than S$0.093.

 Oakwell: Bought this stock 2 days ago at S$0.051 and had sold it off today at S$0.052 for a S$0.001 profit.

Aussino: Impressive explosive move. In a mere less than a month, its price has risen from S$0.05 to S$0.19, that is an impressive almost 400% profit. RTO and Aung San Sung Kyi play.

The big move was in the last 4 trading days when it moved from S$0.08 to a high of S$0.19. When i took noticed of this stock, it had already moved up to S$0.12 and therefore I have to forgo this stock for this time round. Nevertheless, I shall keep a close watch on this stock when it retraces down the to 50% level.

Burmese Stock Play and Penny Stock Fever

Look like the Burmese Stock Play and Penny Stock Fever are back again. Some of the penny stocks to look out for:

Addvalue, TT Int, Yoma, Interra Res, Rowsley, UPP, Ntegrator, Artivision, Vallianz, Adventua……just to name a few.

Hor Kew: There is still no movement in this stock as it is now not actively traded. But I am keeping a close watch on this stock.

Monday June 4, 2012

Mon 2012 June 4th Last Closed Change % Change Previous Day Open Day High Day Low
DJI(previous day data) 12118.60 -274.90 -2.22% 12393.50 12391.60 123391.60 12080.50
SSEC 2308.55 -64.89 -2.73% 2373.44 2346.98 2348.20 2308.23
STI 2706.57 -39.14 -1.43% 2745.71 2706.57 2715.60 2698.90
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The STI had dropped more than 6% since while the DJIA tumbled some 700 points or about 5.5%.

Shanghai Stock Exchange Composite Index

SSEC performed “better” but still dropped 66 points or approximately 2.8%. SSE is likely to trade like a crab but if it does drop below 2130, it’s going back to 1600 level again. However, if it can trade convincingly above 2500, at least we can smell some bull shit. More likely SSE should be sinking slowly for the time being.

Dow Jones Industrial Average Index

DJIA, leader of the pack, is oversold as of todate. Time for a short rebound soon for refuel, take a breather and to gather strength for a deeper dive to the 11000 level. Unless Dow can break above 12700, which I do not foresee any chance of it happening soon. Even if it does, the climb will be short-lived. My take is to short when the bull gathers strength.

Straits Times Index

STI, this index does not has a sense of its own direction. Literally it just follow the direction of where Dow is heading. At times, it does also take direction from SSE, HSI and/or even Nikki, as well as FTSE. In Singlish…….it means Just Follow Law”. 😆

Stock You Can Still Hold

As mentioned in my previous posting, the following stock did not wavered although most world indices had tumbled.

Fraser CT: price still holding firm at S$1.63 although it did dipped below support to a low of $1.57 due to panic sell down of last friday Dow -274 point. As mentioned earlier, shorting the market is the preferred choice. If you’re holding this stock with a cut loss in place, most likely you would have been taken out of this stock.

Chasen: just like what it had happened to FraserCT, Chasen price dipped below support to a low of S$0.285 before returning to close at S$0.31. However, if it does come down again to break S$0.285, then we may see it hitting S$0.20 again.

Starbub: price still unchanged and holding well at S$3.23.

Fortune Reit: not much changed in price since my last post. closed at HK$4.38 today.

Addvalue: still an uptrend stock. If you are looking for stock to long, this stock is good for short term trading. Buy around support but be prepared to cut loss if it does break S$0.094 level.

Weak Stock To Watch

Wilmar: It did not retraced to S$4.50. since my last post, it had dropped another S$0.50 or about 13% to S$3.50. There should be some support at this level but if it does break down again, we should be looking at S$3.00. More likely a short rebound is likely before it can gather strength to dive further.

Olam: Same fate as wilmar.

The market now is slowly creeping closer to the cliff. It is not there yet but the best trade now to make money, is for the bear to ambush the bull when it (the bull)  gathers strength. Stock to watch for shorting, needless to say…..check the index stock list.

Market Outlook

As mentioned in my April 17, 2012 posting, my target of Dow hitting 10,500 is still unchanged. I’m looking forward to Dow hitting the 11000 mark.

That’s all the bullshit for now. eh…….ok, I mean when bullshit is sighted, the bull should be nearby. So, literally I mean a short rebound soon when the bear takes a breather to gather strength.

Wednesday May 16, 2012

Just back from a long holiday. Have not been monitoring the market for the past 2 to 3 weeks.


Lol, my wilmar got killed at S$4.76 and went right down to hit intraday low of S$3.96 today. This is a downtrend stock but I think it should have a retrace soon to the S$4.5o region.


Technically, this stock is still strong but I had sold it at S$0.305 before I left for my holiday. Today it tried to breakout of S$0.325 but failed.

Overall Market Outlook

As mentioned in my last update, the overall market is weak and had since started to slide down with the concern of Greece breaking out of the eurozone as a catalyst for the fall.  At least for now, it is sell or short on strength. DJIA immediate support should be about 12500.

The SSEC is also very weak and more likely it will continue to drop. Similarly, the STI is not doing any better.

So overall market is to sell or short on strength. However, if you intend to buy, can take a look at FraserCT but it is safer to buy at support. The other buy stock is Fortune Reit and Starhub.

However, I would prefer to hold on to cash and wait for the indices to bottom out. Otherwise, may consider to short weak stock like wilmar, olam or most index stock on rebound at resistance..


Tuesday April 17, 2012

I’ll be keeping a very close watch on Chasen Holding. If it does hit S$0.28 – S$0.285 with a good volume, I’ll be in the trade but be prepared to cut loss if it does drop back to below S$0.275. I am expecting a parabolic breakout.


Look like wilmar is trading like a crab. Should not have traded this crab stock.

Overall Market Outlook

In my opinion, market is in a distribution mode. Am expecting most indices to tumble soon. If DJIA does break 13330 convincingly, it is likely to hit a double top or at most a short lived new high. Do not expect the uptrend to continue before going down to about 10,500.

SSEC is still weak with immediate resistance at 2400.

Wednesday March 22, 2012

Watch out for wilmar for a rebound. Should be well supported at S$4.86 but if it continues to drop below this level, I will cut loss to buy back later at the next lower support which should be at the S$4.76 level with strong support at around S$4.4.0.

Since my last post, I did bought more at S$4.90 but have since sold them on the way down from the rebound (which hit a high of S$5.08) at S$5.00.

Two days ago on the Tuesday, March 20, I had bought back the stock at S$4.88 and will be prepared to take a loss if it gonna retreat to below S$4.74. Am expecting a temporary change of trend from here.



Tuesday February 28, 2012

Almost three weeks had passed since my last post. The STI had briefly hit a high of 3031 on February 21 but was unable to stay above the 3000 mark. In fact today closing at 2969 was lower than the close on February 08 of 2982.

During the last one week, many stocks prices have dropped to support level. I had managed to sell some of my portfolio. The following are some of the stock that I had took profits and am still holding the other half for a final runup.

Addvalue        sold S$o.086 (it hit a high of S$0.089 yesterday)

Interra Res     sold S$0.37 (it hit a high of S$0.375)

Sheng Siong, Oakwell, UMS did run up but did not sell any of them. Should have sold half of my portfolio for a profit but did not, wait a waste. As the stocks have come back to support level, I shall keep them for the next run up to unload unless the current support level are broken.

Bought Chasen Holdings at S$0.245 although this stock is still in a downtrend. Today it closed at the high of S$0.27 and if it can breaks 0.275, this stock should hit above 0.30 again.

Also bought Wilmar at S$5.08 today. Most analysts are recommending a sell for this stock but I think it had been beaten down, so a rebound is more likely to happen.Ok wish me luck.


I expect another run up for these three indices before a correct of at least 10pct to set in. Be cautious folks. cheers.



Wednesday February 08, 2012


Wow, most penny stocks are having a good run in the last two weeks. Anyone who have long penny stocks should be laughing to the bank.

Some penny stocks like yoma, interra resources, ipc, adventus, their prices have risen as much as 100%,

I am still holding on to my interra resources, ums, sheng siong and addvalue. Took some profit on nextgen at S$0.015. Think nextgen should be running up again. Also sold off all of adventus at S$0.025 for some good profits.

Sheng siong did not run up much but it did broke a minor resistence yesterday and i think it should be running up again. I am look forward for sheng siong to break new high soon and maybe a married deal is on the card.


Today, SSEC broke a very significant resistance, which is the downtrend roadblock and thus has breeze into the short term uptrend territiory. More upside to come with the change in short term trend and it should help to add more bulls to the straits times index. Next SSE resistance is around 2420 and 2500.


Wednesday January 25, 2012

Looking forward to unload half of my UMS soon and Addvalue too, which I had bought in late December 2011. Addvalue had a good run yesterday and today.


Tuesday January 17, 2012

Sold all of my S i2i today at S$0.045 as it was unable to break S$046. May consider to buy back if it does drop back to S$0.042. However, there are also many other better stocks to consider for long position. Artivision, Cosco and Noble are some of them but I decided to buy Oakwell and did managed to get it at S$0.077. Major support at S$0.07 but in between this stock should be well supported.


Monday January 16, 2012

Bought Sheng Siong at S$0.455 today. Expect this stock to break above S$0.485 soon and probably hit new high.

Today S i2i did hit S$0.046 but did not manage to sell it. Most likely tomorrow I will unload at S$0.045.


Wednesday January 4, 2012

My first trade of the new year, long UMS at S$0.39. This stock looks yummy and I am quite positive that it should breakout soon. My target price is about S$0.58 but will take half of the profit at about S$0.50.

Also loaded S i2i at S$0.042 but for this stock I am buying for a short rebound. I will unload the whole lot once it hit S$0.046 but if it does drop to S$0.04, think I’ll need to cut loss. Wish me luck.

Straits Times Index

Great start for the new year. Yesterday, the Straits Times Index was up almost 2%. Today it went up another 20 points to close at 2711 but the closing is just 2 points above the opening. Sign of a minor correction but don’t think the index will drop much. I expect buyers to come in if it does weaken. Anyway the immediate support is about 2640 with major support at 2600.


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